Apprenticeship Guilds.



At Gateway we are building a Culture of Pursuit - a community of people who have given up on the empty promises of money, sex, and power and help one another pursue the only hope that matters. Apprenticeship Guilds are a way of intentionally pursuing this hope together within community. 

What is a Guild?

A guild is a mico-group of 3 - 5 people (same gender)  intentionally pursuing Christ together over the course of the year. Guilds provide a safe place to give and receive encouragement and accountability.

What do they talk about?

Each Apprenticeship Guild will journey together through a year-long Apprenticeship Guide which provides a solid theological, gospel-centered plan for spiritual growth and discipleship. Guilds help people answer two questions each time they meet: What is God saying to me? What am I going to do about it?   

How often do Guilds meet? 

Regular and consistent rhythm of meetings (at least every other week).

How do I get connected to a Guild? 

Most of Guilds are based within our current Gateway Groups structure - so for example a Small Group of 15 - 20 people may have 3 - 5 guilds operating within it. The best way to get connected to a Guild is to join a Gateway Group.

How is a Guild different from a Gateway Small Group?

Guilds are not open to “the public.” They are a group of people who are committed to attending each and are invited to be a part of the group by the leader. Guilds don’t grow by adding more people to an existing Guild. Rather, they grow when current members start a Guild of their own. In Small Groups, creating a warm, friendly environment with few-to-no challenges is the most important thing as new people might be attending. In contrast, the job of the Guild leader ultimately isn’t to create the warmest, most comfortable environment. The leader’s job is to create an environment that is a safe place to be honest, but one of accountability, learning, encouragement and challenge. It is not uncommon for a Guild leader to say something that might be difficult for someone to hear, but it is said in love for the sake of transformation.