A Testimony of Simplicity

This is a guest post from our own Nicole Winebrenner - a member of our church who is working to raise $1000 for HIV/AIDS and healthcare by doing a ‘Pay Fashion Forward’ purpose project. $1000 would provide healthcare for 25 women for an ENTIRE year. Here is her story...

I met the founder of MochaClub, Barrett Ward at the Influence Conference in 2012. His speech session was about finding your purpose in life. He talked about how he was in this great high-paying job but was constantly unfulfilled. He took a mission trip to Africa on a whim and forever changed his life. Everything he was saying was clicking with me.

Barrett’s session was the only session I cried in. 

He talked about the MochaClub , Purpose Project. Basically, you raise a sum of money for one of  MochaClub ,’s projects (purpose) and when you  meet your goal- you complete something you’ve always wanted to do but have maybe been too scared or nervous about doing (project). In other words, it’s a dare you set with yourself. 

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I left the conference feeling energized and excited about the idea of doing a purpose project. I watched various internet friends of mine participate by dying their hair pink, giving up Starbucks, running a half marathon and even getting a large tattoo. Each one of them was so incredibly passionate about their project. I admired their enthusiasm and tried to remember what happened to mine…

Then last winter, some of the ladies of the Gateway Church participated in the 7 Experiment. We changed the way we ate, the technology we used and even the things we wore. We purged and simplified and learned a LOT about our hearts when it comes to possessions. 

Ever since I read The 7 Experiment, I’ve felt the urge to simplify my life. I keep searching for ways to eliminate the junk to make room for more important things: life, love and community. 

When I moved into a place with a MUCH smaller closet this fall, I realized some things had to go. I had just seen Barrett again at the 2013 Conference and he asked me what my project was going to be. Looking at my closet bursting at the seams, I knew. Pay Fashion Forward  was born. 

I am raising $1000 to pay for healthcare and education for 25 women living in the Kibera slum of Nairobi for an entire year. That’s less than $5 per month per woman. 

When I reach my goal, I’m selling 1/3 of my wardrobe and using the profits to pay for my spot in the mission trip with Enlace to El Salvador. 

The part about raising money for my mission trip was sort of last minute. As I was planning details with the MochaClub people, the opportunity to go to El Salvador came up. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to tie it all together. Not only will I have the opportunity to give hope to women in Africa through the efforts of MochaClub and Heko, I have the chance to travel to El Salvador and spend time with Pastor Marta and the people of Anemona. 

Would you consider helping me reach my goal of $1000 for MochaClub?

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