Built for Discipleship

At Gateway we seek to provide spiritual formation primarily through community. While there is much that can be learned in a classroom, discipleship is much more about hands-on learning with another committed disciple and being immersed within a community of disciples. 

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For this reason Gateway is built upon a network small, medium and large groups that meet throughout the city, then gather on Sundays to share how the kingdom of God has become a reality in their lives. 

Large | Sunday Gatherings
Sunday gatherings help people discover a meaningful relationship with Christ and grow in spiritual development. A time for the broader church family to gather together around the preaching of the word, the eucharist of Christ's body and blood, giving of resources to the life of the church body, and communal celebration of who God is and what He is doing in our lives. 

Medium | Missional Communities
Missional Communities are made up of several Gateway Groups from the same geographic region and organized around a shared mission within that region. Each Missional Community serves its neighbors in order to create long-lasting change in the relationships, institutions, and overall conditions of our city, especially focusing upon those in greatest need.

Small | Gateway Groups
Smaller communities of 3-12 that help people grow and develop as followers of Jesus by gathering on a regular basis for prayer, laughter, Bible study, support, and encouragement. Sermon discussion based.

Mini | Apprenticeship Guilds
This Fall, we will be even more intentional about making disciples by introducing Apprenticeship Guilds. In an Apprenticeship Guild one Gateway leader will invest their time, energy, skills and life into another, teaching them to do what they do. Most of these guilds will be based within our Gateway Groups - so for example a small group of 15 - 20 people would have 3 - 5 guilds operating within it. Each Apprenticeship Guild will  journey together through out a brand new, year-long Apprenticeship Guide which will provide the leader and apprentice with a solid theological, gospel-centered plan for spiritual growth and discipleship.

It all begins on Sunday, September 8 with the release of the Fall Gateway Groups Directory. Do not miss it!