Serving Spotlight: Kaisa Baker

Tell us what a typical weekday looks like for you?

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and I work with the elderly near Dallas Center, IA. 

How long have you been attending The Gateway Church? 

I have been at Gateway Church for a little over a year. 

Think back to when you were new to Gateway. What drew you to this particular congregation? What made you decide to stick around? 

I moved to Des Moines from New Mexico and was really struggling to find a church. I made a list of attributes I wanted in a community and a list of churches to try. Gateway was the first church I tried after making my list and it fit every single item. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. 

Tell us about your volunteer role(s) at Gateway. What made you decide to get involved? 

I work with Gateway Kids, the Hospitality team, and Meals team. I decided to get involved because joining together to meet the needs of a community is a great way to get to build relationships while doing something that is a blessing to others. I really enjoy working with the Toddlers class and seeing how excited they are on Sunday mornings to come and learn. The Hospitality team is a great way to get to meet new people and welcome them into Gateway like I was welcomed in last year.