Serving Spotlight

Get to know the Manus Family!

We have been attending The Gateway Church since last March, after having visited a few times last fall. We loved/continue to love the creativity and artistic bend of the congregation; a quality that can be elusive in churches that teach truth. The many opportunities to serve in local, practical ways also drew us in. On one of our first visits, Courtney was sold when the announcements were done by video and we could listen to Pharrell sing 'Happy' during offering. After being part of the community for a while, we chose to become greeters to help newcomers feel comfortable and also to help with our terribly lacking skill of remembering people's names. This fall we began hosting a small group in our home and really love welcoming people into our home just as it is, and sharing life with others as we strive to live in the rhythm of God. 

When we first visited last fall, we were mulling over the small amount of school age kids. While we loved the missional view of the church, we were concerned that our kids wouldn't have many kids to connect with. But as we prayed and talked it over together, we thought maybe we could be part of the solution and add two more kids to the Gateway mix. Now here we are 6 months later, with a great small group gathering and 12 kids as part of it. 

During the week you will find Ronan hanging with his friends in 3rd grade at Greenwood Elementary. He tolerates schoolwork with one eye on the clock as it moves closer to PE or recess, his favorite times of the day. Ronan never stops moving, and often straps on his rollerblades before he is fully out of bed, just to make breakfast more interesting. 

Cedahlia loves being with her 5th grade friends at school, and if you popped in our home after school you would find her nose in a book, snacks in her lap and our Boston Terrier Toby aggressively begging in close proximity. Both kids are soccer players and are also part of Des Moines Judo Academy. They know that it is an excellent way to train your body to defend against an attack, while their parents see the added benefit of taking out sibling rivalry in a big padded dojo. 

Skip is a major in the Army National Guard and serves as chaplain during his monthly drills. During the week he is at Methodist Hospital as part of a year long education program that trains hospital chaplains. His Fit Bit may self-combust before the year ends, as he is constantly on the move in that humongous hospital. Courtney is a Teacher Leader at Lovejoy Elementary, working with K-2 teachers and their students. When we have free time, we love coffee and La Mie pastries, live music and binging on Netflix.