Serving Spotlight: Karen Thompson

We are excited to introduce you to one of our amazing volunteers, Karen Thompson! 

Four years ago Karen saw an ad for Gateway in Juice Magazine. She found Pastor Paul's blog and began listening to his sermons for six months before she finally decided to check out The Gateway Church in person. She knew this was the place for her. Karen says that so much of her journey has been influenced by the prayers of other people, both when she was baptized at age seventeen and now. Because other Christians have had such an influence on her discipleship journey, she realized how much she valued the opportunity to be surrounded by the saints in a church community. 


Soon after she started attending Gateway, Bob Stewart asked her to consider volunteering with the hospitality team. At first she was reluctant, but when the congregation began meeting at Central Campus she decided she could help with the parking team. She eventually began greeting, too. Karen says she really enjoys meeting so many people while serving on the hospitality team. It's important to her to take time to connect with those coming in the doors because the greeters are the first faces folks are going to see as they arrive. Karen also enjoys getting to know her fellow volunteers and says she is so encouraged by her team members who are there in the spirit of service to others. 

We are thankful for Karen and her presence at The Gateway Church! We know that by the time visitors have made it past the front doors and into the lobby they already have a distinct impression of our church. We really appreciate the greeters who work to make that impression a warm and welcoming one!

If you are interested in serving on the hospitality team please contact Megan Stange ( or Tsinia Borgman (