The Rule of Life

spiritual inventory

Advent is a season of joyful anticipation for the Church in which we celebrate the past and prepare for the future. Advent is the beginning of a new year in the Christian calendar and therefore a great season for prayer and reflection. This year we have put together a short spiritual inventory designed to help you reflect over this past year and prepare for what God would like to do within you and through you in the New Year. As you take time to consider where you've been and where you would like to be, also be sure to consider the steps it will take to get you there.

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The rule of life

The “law of the Lord” is not talking about the part of the Bible where you find the rules; it’s talking about the whole message of the Bible as your rule of life. Jesus Christ invites us into a radically new way of life - the life of the kingdom - but this requires practice. We have to learn new habits, new rhythms, an entirely new language. For hundreds of years, Christians in various traditions have entered into the life of the kingdom through certain daily, weekly, and monthly practices. Through prayer and fasting, solitude and silence, communion and confession, sacrifice and service. Read through the list below and consider how these practices might help you become a more blessed, fulfilled, satisfied… happy person.



Daily Practices

Morning Prayer
Psalm, Gospel, and Epistle Readings.
Silence. Confession. The Lord’s Prayer.

Evening Prayer
Psalm Readings. Silence. Re-Centering Prayer.

Weekly Practices

Sunday Gatherings
A time to practice and rehearse what it means to be the people of God.

Regular Exercise
3-4 times per week, minimum of 30 minutes each workout.

Sabbath Rest
Once a week for a 24 Hour Period.

Regular Date Night
For those who are married.

Small Groups
To talk about how we are doing and to pray for one another.

Monthly Practices

From food for one 24 hour period.

Missional Community
Serving Des Moines.

Ministry Teams
Serving the body of Christ.

Giving regularly, sacrificially, generously, and joyfully.

Annual Practices

Solitude Retreat
For at least one 24 hour period.

Missions Trip
Serving our world.

Next Steps

Water Baptism
Covenant Membership
Spiritual Leadership



Looking Ahead

What does the next faithful step look like for you? Perhaps it is taking up one of the practices in the rule of life guide. Perhaps it is choosing to wait ten seconds before you respond to anger or criticism. Perhaps it is choosing to show hospitality by having someone over for dinner. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.