Sunday, May 4th Recap

Sunday, May 4 2014
Freeway - A Not-So-Perfect-Guide to Freedom
Discover - Romans 8v31-39

You’re stronger than you think you are. In order for us to be free we must have the courage to explore what holds us captive. We have to stop believing the lies and accept God’s truth that we are more than conquerors.

Gateway Groups

This week our groups are following along with the Freeway Guide - a beautiful, interactive guide built upon God's amazing grace and a personal exploration of our own pain and loss. You can pick up your guide at any of our Gateway Groups. Suggested donation $10.

If you have not already, Small Group leaders can pick up these guides and DVD's this week at the church office. You can also stream the introductory videos at

Gateway Kids

Click here for this week's Gateway Kids Activity Guide

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