Small Group Leadership

Our vision is to reach more people around the city by more intentionally identifying, equipping and reproducing new leaders. In order to fulfill our great commission to make disciples we  need more small group, missional community, and ministry team team leaders.

On Sunday, September 7th we will kickoff the Fall Semester. This is a big moment for us to connect new people to our community and we need your help! We are looking for a few more small group hosts and leaders in the West, the North and Downtown. 

Please prayerfully consider opening up your home this Fall and allowing God to use you to advance his kingdom in this simple but deeply profound way.

Below is everything you need to know about leading a group this Fall. If you are interested please fill out the following form or contact Pastor Paul directly if you have any questions or concerns about leading.



The Gateway Church is built upon a network of Small Groups that meet in neighborhoods throughout the city, then gather weekly to share how the kingdom of God has become a reality in their lives. Small Groups exist to help people connect relationally in groups that produce spiritual growth, authentic community, and loving service to our church and our world.


The primary goal for the group meeting is to develop a Christian community where Jesus Christ is experienced in his presence and power. Therefore the most important manifestation of spiritual leadership is that it gets people to deal with God. Real change takes place in our lives only when we deal with God.


  1. WORSHIP - praising God for who he is and what he has done.
  2. BIBLE STUDY - learning and applying God's Word to everyday life.
  3. FELLOWSHIP - building supportive, mutually accountable relationships.
  4. PRAYER - listening to and sharing intimately with God and interceding for others and God's work in the world.
  5. MISSION - impacting our society and sharing the gospel.

All five of these ingredients may not be present at a particular gathering, but overall the group must consistently include every one. Any group which focuses on just one or two elements (ex: an intense accountability group, a short-term missions team, or a supper club) does not meet the kind of community that we are looking for. 

However, balanced does not mean equal. In the first few weeks, more time is spent in fellowship and friendship building. Once mature, perhaps half the meeting time is spent in bible study. During Missional Community gatherings, the group may devote itself almost exclusively to ministry or evangelism.


Small Groups are mid-week, home-based groups of 5-15 people who discuss the Sunday message and accompanying Scriptures.

  • Groups geographically based with some consideration for affinity.
  • Groups meet in homes or in the community throughout the week.
  • Frequency: Most groups will be encouraged to meet weekly
  • Placement: Decentralized, invitational. A Small Groups Directory will be published at the beginning of each semester. People may sign-up on the website with emphasis at beginning of each semester.
  • Leadership: There is no such thing as a leaderless group. Leaders are trained, equipped, and accountable.
  • Curriculum: Sermon Discussion Guides (see Fall Sermon Series below)
  • Closed vs. Open: All groups operate under the “Open Chair” principle. While some groups may reach capacity we want all group members to feel free and encouraged to invite new people into the group throughout the semester. 


All small group leaders will be supported and encouraged by the Lead Pastor, the Elders, and other Gateway staff. Additionally we have planned two Leadership Gatherings over the next couple of months for training and fellowship.

  • Saturday, September 27 - Guest Speaker Scott Hodge
  • Saturday, October 25 - Guest Speaker Rod Carlson


Reproducing Leaders and Groups

  • Consistently communicate a reproducing vision to the group.
  • Recruit, develop, and release apprentice leaders.

Connecting the Unconnected

  • Lead group to invite unconnected into the small group.
  • Work with group to provide a welcoming environment for new people.
  • Participate in events designed to welcome new people.

Developing Christ Followers

  • Prepare and facilitate discussions that are interactive, biblical, and safe.
  • Provide care for small group through prayer, social interaction, and support for special needs.
  • Encourage group participation in service and outreach activities.
  • Challenge group members to take next steps as Christ followers such as commitment through baptism and contribution of of time, talents, and treasures to God’s Kingdom.


Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art

We all carry within us the essence of an artist. We need to create, to be a part of a process that brings something good and beautiful and true into the world. God himself is the master artisan and is patiently, meticulously crafting us into something truly beautiful. Based upon Erwin McManus’ book: The Artisan Soul

9/7 Beauty
9/14 Imagination
9/21 Worship
9/28 The Beauty of the Cross
10/5 The Beauty of the Church
10/12 Dream. Risk. Create. 


Do you ever get frustrated that the world seems to be on a downward spiral? It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of war, poverty, environmental damage, and inequality. But there is a way you can take back your peace and hope in the midst of it all, as the saying goes, be the change you wish to see in the world.

10/19 Be the Neighbor
10/26 Be the Disciple
11/2 Be the Spouse
11/9 Be the Parent
11/16 Be the Friend
11/23 Be the Church 


11/30 Isaiah 2v1-5 - The Mountain of the Lord
12/7 Isaiah 11v1-10 - The Lion and the Lamb
12/14 Isaiah 35v1-10 - The Glory of the Lord
12/21 Isaiah 7v10-16 - The Sign of Emmanuel
12/24 CHRISTMAS EVE Isaiah 9v1-7 - Darkness Turns to Light