Artisan Soul Week Three

The Artisan Soul | Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art
September 21, 2014

Every canvas has constraints. Jesus came that we may have life, and have it to the full! We were created to worship and obey our Creator. This does not limit our freedom, it unleashes it!


  1. Would you rather have one free day with unlimited resources at your disposal or one free year (pay without work) with exactly the same amount of resources you have now to make the greatest impact? What would you do with your choice?
  2. Give everyone one sheet of white paper and provide a variety of materials (ex. pencils, markers, rubber bands, tape, string) to use on the paper. For 10 minutes, have everyone create something that expresses the meaning of their name. If they don’t know, they can make it up. Make a quick gallery or pair up to share with a partner.


Read John 10:10—A thief steals and destroys but Jesus gives us abundant life in order that we may in turn give it away to others.

  1. How is your life abundant? In what ways have you been more of a consumer (or even a “thief”) rather than a “giver” of life? How did/can things change?
  2. Describe the most truly alive person you know.

Read Exodus 20:1-17—God’s commandments help make our lives beautiful.

  1. What does this list reveal about what humans were created to be like?
  2. Do you find these commandments restrictive or life-giving? Why?

Read Revelation 4v6-11; 5v1-10 - John the Apostle is shown the essence of what happens in heaven: Worship.

“I want neither a terrorist spirituality that keeps me in a perpetual state of fright about being in right relationship with my heavenly Father nor a sappy spirituality that portrays God as such a benign teddy bear that there is no aberrant behavior or desire of mine that he will not condone. I want a relationship with the Abba of Jesus, who is infinitely compassionate with my brokenness and at the same time an awesome, incomprehensible, and unwieldy Mystery. ” - Brennan Manning

  1. Discuss Revelation chs. 4 & 5 along with the quote from Manning. What stands out to you about the nature of worship? Describe the object of our worship? Who is this Lamb seated on the throne?
  2. We were made to worship. To glorify, to ascribe honor, and to submit to the greatness of God is the universal design of everything. If this is true what happens when we worship things other God?
  3. What other things besides God do people tend to worship? What things do you tend to worship?
  4. In true worship we cast down our crowns (4v10-11) we give up control and God becomes our number one priority - we lay down our crowns but for the first time you begin to feel like a priest and a king (5v9-10).

"in the day-to day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship." - David Foster Wallace


  1. Each day of this week, practice eliminating one thing (bad habit, thought, activity, etc.) that makes you less than the best reflection of your humanity. Prayerfully make a list tonight. Then each following morning, choose one, make yourself a reminder (an alarm on your phone, post-it note, write on your palm, etc.) and do something more constructive, affirming, helpful to others.
  2. Throughout this series we have discussed creating something good, beautiful, and true together as a group. On October 18th from 9am - 12pm Gateway is organizing an all-church serve day! This will be a great opportunity to serve together as a church. Also, look for upcoming Missional Community dates:
    • Downtown: October 8 - 9, Edmunds Elementary Conferences / Meals for Teachers
    • West Des Moines: September 21, JOPPA Outreach


O God, because without you we are not able to please you, mercifully grant that your Holy Spirit may in all things direct and rule my heart; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.