Grace Wins


Its that time of year where I’ve been thinking about New Year resolutions– out with the old and in with the new, but I’m still trying to even remember what my resolutions were last year. So now I am feeling pressure to make some (because doesn’t everyone?) and already I’m feeling defeated knowing that days will be skipped, words will be spoken that should not be, and the ‘to -do’s” of life will get in the way of being present over perfect.

Why set myself up for failure? Sitting here thinking about this dilemma, still really wanting to make some changes, start fresh, set goals and challenges to be a better me… I am nudged with the thought of Thank you, Jesus”.

Things will never be perfect this side of heaven, including me, (No matter how many resolutions I may make) but because of Jesus I am reminded grace wins. In the journey of failing and disappointing outcomes I can be reminded that He is making all things new. I do love New Year’s Resolutions and the motivation and freshness they bring.  This year I’m just faced with admitting that there will be a day/time in 2017 I will fall short.

In this world, you will have trouble  but take heart because I has overcome the world. Now, that is refreshing for my soul. I can’t try and win a battle that is already won.

Maybe my resolutions should be more of a mindset than “to-do’s” that will fade overtime, or simply reminding myself that grace wins.

Living in those thoughts and reminders might be far more effective than the nagging thoughts of, “don’t eat that, you only worked out 2x this week”.  Let my mindset change and drive my actions and when my actions fail, may I cling to the refreshing news in this mess. The news that my battle is already won, grace wins, thank you Jesus.

                                                                                       Jess Evans