Annual Covenant Members Meeting

Join us at Noce on Sunday, February 19th at 6:30pm for our annual membership meeting. This will be a night of prayer and celebration as we present the Annual Ministry Report and share some very exciting news about the future! The meeting is open to everyone who attends The Gateway Church.

During this meeting those who have completed the New Members Class and signed the membership covenant will be welcomed as members of The Gateway Church. We will also be welcoming three new Elders (Brad Bartlett, Nate Evans and Ryan Morrison) and voting to affirm three new members of the Board of Stewardship (Ben Anderson, Justin Davey and Grant Stokka).

The Elders serve as the spiritual overseers of our church, teach and preach the Word, protect the church from false teachers, exhort and admonish the saints in sound doctrine, pray for the sick and judge doctrinal issues.

The Board of Stewardship (BOS) serve as the official board of directors of the church, oversee all financial matters, and work in cooperation with the Lead Pastor and the Elders for the overall governance of the church.

According to our bylaws (Article Thirteen, Section 2) BOS members shall be recommended by the Board Selection Committee and affirmed by a majority of the Covenant Membership.

This year Ben Anderson, Justin Davey and Grant Stokka have been recommended because of their faithfulness and love for The Gateway Church.
1. Covenant Members who have a concern about the qualifications regarding any of the recommended candidates shall have the opportunity to express in writing their concern to the Selection Team prior to the Annual Covenant Membership Meeting.
2. Board Candidates who have been duly presented, and have no valid objection to their qualifications, shall be affirmed by a majority of the Covenant Members present at a duly called Covenant Membership Meeting.