The Untamed Wilderness

CS Lewis once wrote, "You'll never tame the lion's of your life until you let God be the untamed lion in your life."

So many times we think, "my soul is unhappy, so I will eat, drink, smoke, have sex, sleep, exercise, work, watch tv, surf the internet... etc." When what we should be doing is stopping all activity. Sitting in solitude, out in the woods, listening for the untamed Spirit of God. Waiting for him to come out and guide us.

We know not where he will lead. In order to follow we must to give up our need for control and our addiction to certainty. We will have no say in the destination. But we know that in the end it is where we need to be. 

Of course, the scary truth is we never really had control to begin with. We started drinking to take the edge off our stress from work. We started eating fast food to give us a little boost when we were feeling down. We started shopping to feel like we look pretty. But in the end all of these things end up controlling us. They lure us astray. Away from God. Away from the image of God within us; our true selves. 

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." - John 10:10

Meanwhile, God roams silently in the woods, wild and free. We are cut off from his energy, his vitality, his life. The only way to recover is to stop following all of the voices clamoring for our attention. To step off of the well-worn path of consumerism, materialism and greed, and into the untamed wilderness of the divine. 

- Pastor Paul