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Flag Football


Join us for a competitive game of flag football and some homemade chili in the park after our Sunday gathering on November 17. The event is open to anyone and everyone who would like to play, eat, and/or cheer on your favorite team. All Gateway Missional Communities are invited to participate.

WEST - The West groups will be contributing pots of chili. 

Downtown -  The Downtown groups will help provide the toppings/sides and utensils. Maybe if one group wants to volunteer to bring bowls, silverware and napkins and the others can bring toppings/sides. Toppings can include, but not limited to: cheese, crackers, sour cream, rice, chips, cornbread, water, etc. Really whatever your heart desires and you think would go well!! 2-3 items of each of these too.

North - The North groups will be in charge of the most important part of any meal, at least in the American diet.....DESSERT!! You can have full reign of what you would like to bring, be it a fancy cake or pie or just easy finger goodies. I am sure no one will complain. 1-2  desserts each should suffice.