A unique experience for 5th graders designed to cover some of the basics of the faith and to help them prepare for some of the big transitions they will soon face. Students will start out in the main worship service on Sunday mornings and then be dismissed after the singing to go to their class upstairs.


Beginning September 13, 2015
Sundays Mornings | 10:00 - 11:15 AM
Central Campus
1800 Grand Avenue, Des Moines


Foundations will cover four major units: The Story, The Creeds, Prayer, and the Beatitudes. In The Story unit we'll take those random Bible stories they've heard growing up and help pull them together in one coherent, overall story about God and his work in the world. We'll encourage students to begin to see this story as their own story, a story that shapes and forms them in powerful ways. In the unit on The Creeds we'll explore questions like, "What is baptism for?," "Why is the church important?," and "What is the role of the Holy Spirit in my life?" In our unit on The Lord's Prayer we'll spend some time exploring what prayer is and working through Jesus' example for us in prayer. In our final unit on The Beatitudes we'll consider what it means to follow Jesus and live in his upside down kingdom. 

I. The Story 

Judges and Kings 
Exile (Prophets)
Jesus’ Life and Ministry
Death to Life 
The Church 
Renewal of All Things

II. The Creeds

God the Father, Almighty
Holy Spirit
The Church
Forgiveness of Sins

III. The Lord’s Prayer

Intro: What is Prayer?            
Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name
Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done
Daily Bread
Forgiving Others
Lead us not to Temptation, Deliver us from Evil

IV. The Beatitudes 

Poor in Spirit
Hunger for Righteousness
Pure in Heart
Persecuted for Righteousness