THE GATEWAY CHURCH gathers to worship the resurrected Christ on Sundays as one family.


When you arrive, you will see a book table, information center, and place where there is free coffee. Before service begins we have music playing in the background and we invite you get to know some of the people and familiarize yourself with our facility. There are bathrooms, a nursery, and Sunday school for the young kids.

Call to Worship

When we gather, we are responding to a call to worship. By grace God calls us to himself to find renewal and restoration so that we may be his image bearers for the world.  


Singing is the language of the Kingdom. It is through songs corporately sung that our voices rise above our own issues and needs and join in the chorus of praise sung to God throughout the world from the beginning of time. We use a mix of ancient hymns, current songs, and instrumental creations.

Sharing of the Peace 

Each week we invite the community to join in a time of sharing the Peace of God with those around them. For millennia the Church has believed that the Sharing of the Peace is more than a simple greeting and rather is an actual blessing upon that person.  A common blessing follows, “Peace be with you!” with the response, “And also with you!”

Confession & Assurance

Scripture clearly teaches that no man is without sin while simultaneously promising that if we confess our sin that God is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. Confession then is our public and corporate acknowledgement of our sin against God and one another, which joins us together in humility before our Lord. In this we seek God’s divine mercy, grace, and forgiveness that we might turn from our sin to delight in His will and walk in His way for His glory.


The liturgical practice of the offering indicates that Christian worship — which is a foretaste of the new creation — embodies a new economy, an alternative economy that counters the consumption, hoarding, and greed that characterize so much of our world.

Scripture & Sermon

We believe that the Word of God is living and active. The sermon, then, is a message presented to the Church each week which presents God’s word and calls people to respond to it. During this time God’s Word ministers to us, challenges us, heals us, frees us, and above all invites us to surrender ourselves to the good and loving will of God.


In this meal and sacrament we remember and participate in our Lord Jesus’ sacrifice. We believe that this meal is surrounded by the mystery of Christ and that in it we are united with Him as he is united with his Father.


We believe prayer is about seeking to weave the kingdom of God into our lives - our relationships, our worries, our fears and failures - and into our broken and fallen world. Prayer is conversing with God and collaborating with His actions in the world. Prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.


We are blessed to be a blessing. The benediction is a prayer that God would bless and preserve His people as they leave the assembly and that would carry His grace and peace out into the world around them.


Dallas Willard said that celebration is the completion of worship. A time to come together with others who know God to eat and drink, to laugh and sing, and to relate stories of God’s action for our lives and our people. At the conclusion of our Sunday gatherings we invite everyone to stick around a few minutes to celebrate at the Ten Minute Party. Join us in the upper lobby for some lighthearted conversation, coffee and refreshments.