Sundays 10am
Central Campus Auditorium
1800 Grand Avenue
Des Moines


The Gateway Church is a vibrant faith community centered in and committed to the city of Des Moines. Join us Sundays at 10am at Central Campus (1800 Grand Ave, Des Moines) where people of all ages can learn what it means to follow Jesus.



Sundays Gatherings.

Sunday gatherings help people of all ages discover a meaningful relationship with Christ and grow in spiritual development. This is a time for the broader church family to gather together around the preaching of the word, the eucharist of Christ's body and blood, giving of resources to the life of the church body, and communal celebration of who God is and what He is doing in our lives. 

Skeptics are welcome!


Central Campus is a regional academy of the Des Moines Public Schools providing unique learning opportunities to students around our city. Worshipping in this remarkable school rooted in the center of Des Moines gives our community the chance to be even more present within our city in the love, service, and proclamation of Christ. 

Free Parking is available in lots located directly North or West of our entrance along Grand Avenue.




Liturgy is the “work of the people”; a time to practice and rehearse what it means to be the people of God. Our worship is rooted in two thousand years of the church and the historic flow of worship. At the same time we believe the Spirit is still active and present. Our goal is to imaginatively blend ancient liturgy with charismatic Christianity in order to reach an increasingly post-Christian culture.


Ten Minute Party.

Dallas Willard said celebration is the completion of worship. A time to come together with others who know God to eat and drink, to laugh and sing, and to relate stories of God’s action for our lives and our people. At the conclusion of our Sunday gatherings we invite everyone to stick around a few minutes to celebrate at the Ten Minute Party. Join us in the upper lobby for some lighthearted conversation, coffee and refreshments.